Monday, September 28, 2009

Etsy calculator is your friend!!!!!

As the story goes, I am bringing back my original shoppe, adelehartlep, due to the fact that I have too many random things starting to clutter my beautiful fabric shoppe. What can I say I am anal.

So my idea was to have almost a wholesale like supply shop, I like to get a good price and love to pass it on to others.

I have always been a firm believer in the etsy calculator. It basically tells you how much you are making on each item you sell, and for me this is important....etsy is my full time job, well that and my B & M. Which to me is the same darn thing.

As I was figuring out how much to sell my pom pom trim for, usually it is $1.50 a yard, which calculates out to me making 9 cents per yard.....yikes!!!!!! This means I would have to sell over 150 yards to be able to make enough to buy another spool , besides the money I would have replace the one I sold.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

End of Summer Sale

Welcome to my biggest sale of the year!!!!!
$6 on selected yardage till either I run out or the 1st of October.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today my friend came in with some old alexander henry fabric to let me drool over, I love seeing his old stuff and she seems to have a stash of it.

And what she pointed out is a spelling mistake, Tatoo should be spelled Tattoo, I wonder if it is meant to be or just oversight. It's nice to know we all make mistakes even big ones.


The Elusive Loteria Fabric

I have been trying to get alexander henry to reprint this fabulous fabric, which honestly you can not find anywhere....I have scoured and scoured and scoured some more looking to get my hands on more.

I have two pieces... I decided to let go of one...for a price!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have recently uncovered a bigger love for stuffed stuff, I have always been a lover and partial addict to cute stuff. (If you saw my store you would know). So as I was scouring the web to find ideas for my craft classes that I am going to start teaching at my store, I found the cutest little stuffed owl DIY on . That got me thinking how fabulous of an idea that was... very easy to do (well to varying degrees). I got crafty and made two myself with a few modifications to the directions. They came out super cute.

Then I wanted to see more cuteness and went of course to good ol' faithful etsy for more owls. Some of them are so cute I decided to share with you my etsy search adventure, with stats, etsy mini's and a whole lot of cuteness. Thank you to all the shoppes for sharing...hope you enjoy this post as much as I did creating it.
Number one
(and this is by no order..well by convo's)


opened shoppe on 8.5.2008, located in Glasgow

blog is

She was one of the only shoppes that I found that had DIY owl kits, they are at a great price, come with directions and everything you need to make your very own stuffed birdie. She even makes chickens...super cute.
Shoppe number 2

opened shoppe 11.20.2008, located in New Hampshire


Paula has two owl's Little Love Owls and Wise Mrs. Owl, plus two great little stuffed trees...the make a nice duo. PJM Designs shoppe focuses mostly on paper crafts but gives us a little treat by including her lovely stuffed creations. I love Mrs. Owl, I am a big pink fan.

Shoppe Number 3
trishans' plush parade

shoppe opened on 10.12.07, located in Santa Monica
(Happy pre-Etsy birthday #2)


Another fabulous plushie shoppe, again I just loved stuffed stuff. Trish has a great selection of not so normally found plushies...she has a deepsea diver with a fish in its helmet (love it), a Mr. Fry guy, a stuffed panda, a slice of pizza, and a tiki guy. How many times do you come across a Mr. Tiki. Thank you Trish for sharing!!!!
Numero Quatro


shoppe opened on 1.26.08, located in Mesa, Arizona ( I think...hehe)

blog, well myspace

This little lady has what I would call a sun-dries shoppe, oh and it gets better, she has two shops. Birds bubbles, which carries things for your bath (which I wish I had a tub). Both of her shops are fabulous that I bought something...shame on me.
(this is what I bought, catnip mice for my three babies)
Birdwatching has everything from magnets to pouches to cozies to stuffed plushies...worth the look.
Tally hoo to the next one!!!!!
Shoppy number ...hmmm! 5

Red Marrionette

opened 1.8.08, located in sunny Orlando (you go girl, with that heat)


First thoughts, she has fabulous pictures of her plushies and her on her blog...she is all gray and they have color, fantastic. Looking through her blog and shop was quite nice. Loved the blog, and loved the tree skirts and plush tree the most. Also I keep think...lions, tigers, and bears oh my!!! She even has clutches with appliqued cuteness on it. Love it. Thank you for letting me share.

Last but not least!!!!!! Tienda 5

My Baby Ella

opened 10.5.08, located in Murfreesboro (okay, never heard of this place, and checked etsy globe thingy and said it could be in two places, how is that for funky named towns)

sin blog ... so no blog that I know of :( , and sans etsy mini!!! so sad! So I tossed in a pic of the leg warmers.

She will custom make owls to match your interior...that is fabulous, she just asks that you convo her, and then you guys figure out the details. I love convos, makes me happy. She has a great little assortment, but just one owl plushy that I spotted. But has some hot tween leg warmers...I still have small legs in my thirties. Lots of cute appliqued shirts, and leg warmers.

Thank you so much for having the patience to make it through this amazing long post. i had a great time putting it together. Cheers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It happened!

So if you didn't know..we are a double business, fabric and bikes. The combo is, so both my husband and I can work together. We rent cycles in are little resortish town that we live in.

We rented one of our babies yesterday and someone didn't bring him back..this is a learning experience, the kind that I hate. This means I may have to be less trusting and maybe a little bit meanier, which is really hard for me to do. I love people... urgh.

So if you see Rocky, tell him we miss him and want him home.

His home is located at
Rainbow fabrics / Stumptown Cycles
14028 armstrong woods road, guerneville, CA

Saturday, September 19, 2009

bird tree demo

This great little and simple project, courtesy of my customer, that gave me a heads up on the website design*sponge ... So amazing easy to do!!!!

The pattern is available at the website...or just click on the picture and it will send you there. This project was intended to be a mobile...but I took upon my creative self and made a tree instead...bigger is better

cut, measure and so forth

and..wah lah you have almost can even do this by hand, but I don't have the patience

my cutie pie

this is the base of my tree...a used small keg from bev mo...german beer for octoberfest

I took a little mod podge and covered it with dogwood leave fabric

I love my new tree..... !!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

We moved...everything

my lovely re-ment area..I decided since some people don't like surprises, I decided to have an opened box you can choose to be surprised or not surprised.

mrs.evils display..this is only a little bit of it, her shoppe is
she re-creates barbies into zombies, also she has come out with a new line of cross stitch kits called.. mrs.evils home for broken animals. super cute and easy to do.

a little monchhichi action...took me forever to find a supplier for these cutey pies.

my store front...if you check out my old blog you can see before pictures..I felt like I was in harry potters hall closet after I moved.

crafting area...soon to have classes every weekend

my pretties