Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mrs.evils home for broken animals, cross stitch kits

From Mrs.Evils,

I love animals. The more jacked up the better. Missing an eye? Fine. Missing a leg? I'll take it. The sadder and uglier the better.
Welcome to Mrs.Evils Home For Broken Animals. I love cross stitch and it used to love me back until it got all jealous of tendonitis.
These patterns are meant to be easy for a beginner and fun for the advanced. I'm addicted to metallic floss and try to squeeze it into every design. Suitable for framing or making a sassy pillow for your dog to sleep on.

by mrs.evils on etsy

So you need something to do while you are passing the time listening to your in-laws complain, watching re-runs of gilligan's island, or just plain bored. These sweet little animals need a home in your lap, don't fret that they are damaged....the more jacked the better...remember everything needs a bit of love.

Friday, December 18, 2009

stripes, my new love affair

my new baby using alexander henry's lorenza line in nude
mod dot for the binding, lorenza stripe for the borders and squares, piccolo for the borders .

great fun to make, but was really like a puzzle...I ended up not using a lot of the triangles.

not all of them were perfect...but what the eff

my first intention was not using a border, but it wasn't wide enough for my liking..hence the border and the stripes.

I also thought it was good to show where the squares came from.

all together before the batting and the bottom


and the quilt complete, my intent was to sell this, but I totally jacked up the back when I was quilting...damn minky fabric....

Friday, December 11, 2009

my birthday/christmas/etsy birthday present

so my husband bought me a present and he didn't even know it till today after I got back from my shopping excursion.....i gave him a hug and said thank you, thank you ...and then told him to go to the car and get it out.

and here it is...my very first...and i am a little scared, it has alot of moving parts..eek

isn't she beautiful....... i am so happy

and today is my etsy birthday!!!! 5314 sales

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Animals cuddling

And yes these are all mine... But left at home

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IKEA is the bomb!!!!

this is IKEA's new line of textiles...I can't even tell you how bad I want to get my hands on this fabric. Well bad enough that I am going to ask my mother in law, who is coming from germany in the beginning of Jan to bring me some.

IKEA is sold out in the bay area of california...so sad

giving back to my customers


Knowing that times are a bit tough, and there are alot of fabulous crafters on etsy...I decided to offer some wholesale lots.

These can be purchased from my etsy shop rainbowfabrics, you can mix and match or just choose one fabric.

I mostly have alexander henry fabrics but do offer some from robert kaufman, micheal miller, freespirit, and so.

Come check it out and happy sewing.

Also I am capable of ordering almost anything so if you have a special request just let me know..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My tote-alicious bag tutorial..hehe..reversible

step one...cut your fabric to what ever size you would like your tote to be, i opted for a low wide one...my previous purse was a black hole...that ate every important item I needed, as soon as I needed it.

I also interfaced it to make it stiffer, so when it sits I can see every little thing I drag around with me/

step two.... actually the reason why I am doing this specific tutorial, I have been sewing for years and want to kick myself, less admit that I never came up with this on my own....shame on me

i call this my false bottom...came up with that though!!! I normally am to lazy to want to add sides or a bottom., so this is perfect for me.

step two.... take your fabric and line it up, i have my inside and my outer layer together (opposite sides together) so that I can make my cuts as perfect as I am able to.

note...the smaller you make your squares the less of a bottom, I choose to do three inch squares...I wanted to see everything in my purse, cursid black hole.

after you decide your desired size bottom start cutting, i.e 3 inch cut across by 3 inch cut down, makes a 6 inch wide bottom..  if i suck at explaining check out the pictures...

step four... do the same to the other side, this makes up your bottom of the tote....if you cut uneven, you will need to straighten it out..
random note......also if you choose to use a tshirt outside and cotton inside cut shirt one inch shorter on each side ...ie 18" wide inside 16" wide outside... this makes your tshirt not bunch up..

step five and six .... i am really not crazy, i was going for the optical illusion

five...sew the sides and bottom of your outside bag (right side facing) .. leaving your cute little square alone
do this for both inner and outer layers of fabric....

six .... now take your outer layer and grab the each side of the fabric..one chunk one hand, other chunk other hand, close to the square....and now pull...the goal is to sandwich them together, once you have achieved that sew them together.. do this for both  layers, please..

ps I almost backstitch over everything unless I am making a quilt top

 and wah lah... you have a stiff square piece of fabulous-ness

step 7 ...put inside into outside (remember this is reversible)  make sure that they fit together....straight lines you'all, when I did mine it ended up taller than I wanted so I laid that baby down and chopped off two inches.

more is better than less...sometimes

step 8 ..sorry about the lighting .... fold over sides so you can hem it, make sure they are even, unless you don't mind some sharp angles...iron , put inside into outside..


step nine... cut a a strip do your desired length and width for handle, i had a different idea for my handles, that didn't work how I wanted them...so I ended upi with dinky little one inch handles that are floppy...I was getting lazy well more annoyed that my idea didn't work

make handle, then insert into desired place on your bag...then pin and pin some more

another note...i dislike pinning, but this is one i had to reconsider

and this is what you will end up with