Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mrs.evils home for broken animals, cross stitch kits

From Mrs.Evils,

I love animals. The more jacked up the better. Missing an eye? Fine. Missing a leg? I'll take it. The sadder and uglier the better.
Welcome to Mrs.Evils Home For Broken Animals. I love cross stitch and it used to love me back until it got all jealous of tendonitis.
These patterns are meant to be easy for a beginner and fun for the advanced. I'm addicted to metallic floss and try to squeeze it into every design. Suitable for framing or making a sassy pillow for your dog to sleep on.

by mrs.evils on etsy

So you need something to do while you are passing the time listening to your in-laws complain, watching re-runs of gilligan's island, or just plain bored. These sweet little animals need a home in your lap, don't fret that they are damaged....the more jacked the better...remember everything needs a bit of love.

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  1. These are so fun! they almost make me want to cross stitch!