Friday, January 15, 2010

im totally here is a show and tell

oh the amazing things you can do with fabric.... this is my sewing area in my shoppe, in the before picture there was this funky black I wanna be velvet but I was to cheap to pass, from the previous frame shoppe.

I was too lazy to paint, I have painted enough this last year, that I can still smell the fumes if I think real hard. After that fabulous-ness was removed I was ready to go...liquid starch in various application methods...spray bottle, spray from the can, and the full on paint set up ( roller and tray).

I found using multiple methods kept me from cursing up a storm and saved my arms... the easiest way to do this is tack the fabric a inch more than what you need to the wall (both top and bottom..until you get to know your weapons, fabric and starch).

Then get a good spray under the top of the fabric, then start rolling, spraying, rolling, spraying and so forth till you finish the first piece...then cut and move to the next piece... then wah lah in a few hours you have everything done and have to wait for it to dry...then if you have bubbles break out the spray and go over the bubbles that didn't love you.... if you are brave and have a big ladder, take a razor blade and cut the top off to make an even line.  which i wasn't able to acheive, but i think it gives it a nice ...nobody is perfect look!!!

then admire and tell everyone how eco friendly you are...and how you can remove the fabric when you are sick of looking at it, wash it and find another use!!!!

good luck


  1. Those orange tables, where did you get them? I realize asking this when I live in Canada is probably useless but I want!

  2. That is such an awesome idea!