Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Stuff

chinatown embroidery pattern from sublime stitching

dia de los muertos embroidery pattern from sublime stitching

lisa petrucci artist series embroidery pattern from sublime stitching

birdcage charm

atc card sets, road map and report card

all these fabulous items are listed in adelehartlep on etsy!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my new love affair

As I was poking around in my numerous catalogs, I found a company that made the most fabulous patterns...sublime stitiching.... but they were for embroidery, which I have never tried, so I read the blog and some of the tutorials and thought I could do this too.  Now its like crafting crack to me, in a week I have done at least 5 different things, and am patiently waiting for more patterns in the mail...which I will now offer in my store...maybe on etsy maybe not.  

I can't tell you how easy this is.....and how much fun, now I don't feel bad in front of the tv anymore.

This is my very first one, kinda my sample of stitches with some free hand action!!!

Number two!!!!

I finished this one the same night I did the birds.

I got tired of flowers!!! I wanted more funk.

My favorite, I actually did the brain last night with an eyeball!!

This little bad boy got turned into a pouch!!