Tuesday, April 27, 2010

customer love.... julie vision design on etsy

Here is some more fabulous-ness from one of my customers, god I love them, my customers and there crafty fabulous-ness!!!  I just wanted to reach out and fondle this clutch, I have seen then fabric before but have never seen it used and who would have guessed how well it works as a clutch.  A+ for Julie!!!

Enough blah blah, well maybe a bit more, these little babies are made and sold by JulieVision on etsy.  She will even make you a mullet tote...who would have guessed...Hope you enjoy.

A few of my favs!!!

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  1. AWESOME. Thanks so much for the shout!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric from your shop-- I have the other prints cut and ready to sew! :-)