Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my tuesday thoughts....HAHA

So today I got a big fat, and I mean big, fabric order in today....it was like christmas, cause I love my fabrics so much.  Three big boxes with 26 different prints in it.  As I said before, it was like christmas until I had to start taking pictures and list all the fabrics. 

step one...... watch out window for ups
step two....check clock, wonder where ups guy is

(he's on one of my bikes...get to work)

step three.....see ups guy, run to back door, making sure not to trip over anything...I am clumsy ( and if I would have figured out how to blog on my iphone before, I would have taken a picture of my humonguous T bruise on my leg, but its gone now)

step four...stand in rain and patiently wait while he digs my three huge boxes out, then I realize no matter how much I want to carry them  in and start ripping into them...I can't frigging lift the boxes...52 pounds O' fabric

step five......open, look, drool, and move to next piece
step six...break out camera and snap, snap, snap...and snap some more.

step seven....heard husband off computer to picnik, and list
step seven...lots of sighing
step eight.....getting distracted and thinking of what else I can do
step nine....why ain't my pretties selling

OH CRAP...got to go to the post!!!!

great fabrics...if you have time take a peek


  1. Hahaha, I am clumsy too, I know how you feel.

    Look at all that darling fabric! Gotta love patterns and pretty colors!