Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some button love!!!

Personally, I am not a big button fan, I hate sewing them on. They take to long, I usually end up poking myself, I also don't have the patience to go slow and make nice cute crosses.

When ever my fabulous husband asks me to fix his pants, I give the loudest disgusted sound that I can possibly produce, then I shrug and walk away like I don't hear him.....SHAME ON ME!!!

I have done a few but now refuse to, except when my brother came to visit me and I had to hem his pocket on his sweat pants..I told him I hope he likes variegated rainbow thread, which is what was in my sewing machine at the time..then he says my button is falling off and I scoff...Then tell him to hurry and take his pants off so Husband doesn't see me doing the deed.

Hopefully this is the last button I have to sew on....I doubt it but maybe I can go for a few months...Now I think about while I am writing, I am so busted......when Husband reads the blog. Sorry honey.Love you!!!!

Let me get to the point....I am having a class on how to make charm bracelets, more for how to use jump rings and what not, but saw some pictures of bracelets using buttons...I thought I have a ton...that will never be used, so why not....they are super cute and they don't need to be threaded.

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  1. Too funny! I do like buttons and don't mind sewing them on. But only if I am sitting in front of the tv.