Saturday, October 17, 2009

so i needed a new purse

and wah it is, actually I wish it was that simple, but no it wasn't.....especially since I had to go all gung ho make it from scratch.  or sans pattern.  I just found a purse that I thought was cute and then pondered on how to make it.

what really helped me and has always been one of my best friends of sewing is Tru-grid by Pellon....which I do sell in my shoppe, though no one has ever bought it.....I don't know why but I have my speculations (sh%^&y pictures of it, hard to grasp what it is by a grid in white on a listing)

this is tru grid, with my pattern drawn on it...I wanted to have a stiff top and a loose a bit of interfacing and then none...

here is my strap, the top part and the bag....I love this stuff, especially since I don't have to pay $16 a pattern, don't get me wrong I do love patterns but when I need something right now....I NEED IT NOW.

I used mushroom fabric by jay mccarroll ( I almost wrote in joel dewberry...opps) and the outside is queen anne's lace by jane sassaman...I love this print because of the pink and green, and the little flying bugs on!!

so here is my new baby.....  I only had to use the seam ripper once, I swore a few times.


  1. Beautiful purse! I really wish I had the ability to sew!


  2. It's cute! And I love making projects where the seam ripper only comes out once! :)

  3. Cute purse!


  4. Love your post! I did the same thing the other day. NO pattern, just the idea of a purse that I liked and some fabric that I loved! Although mine didn't turn out as cute as yours!