Friday, October 23, 2009

something simple with fabric

My shoppe walls have been looking super bare..and I figure since I have all this beautiful fabric, what is a better way to display it , then by wrapping it around some frame forms.  I started with alexander henry's good earth around the world...I still can't tell you how much I enjoy looking at it.  The colors are amazing, it works perfectly together.

Step cut the fabric to the right size of the frame, leaving about 2 inches on each side...enough to wrap around and staple it.

Step two...grab the staple gun and start stapling from the centers to the side first, then next side..then work your way to the outsides..making sure to pull the fabric just a bit so it is snug.

Step three...admire your project and then tell everyone how fabulously easy it was!!!!!

Here is my wall!!!!! 

by far my favorite one...I keep thinking about what I can make with this fabric.

good earth bloom..another great one

and the out of print monroe...which no one is buyin, I think its fabulous!!!

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