Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Wednesday off pictures

at the coast, it was super windy and a bit rainy, but so beautiful....I was just worried about ending up being the couple in the newspaper that tries to save their doggies and gets swept out to sea.

beer time at the Indian restaurant, Indian beers is highly underrated, if you can find it drink'll be very happy

thrift shop finds...I am coming back for this baby...industrial sewing machine that is super hot!!! take that Paris

pretty has blue spokes with green bad they don't make fabric that looks like this

my head...

the sweetie tree from Beverly's, I almost wanted to puke sugar

this baby is about a gallon, I wanted to take it home.

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  1. wow... I really love that bike. I would also LOVE to have that sewing machine!

    - I guess I need to shop our thrift stores more often!

  2. Hello Panda cookies are awesomely terrrrific! I'd eat Hello Panda cookies out of a dead rhino's butt! There's no wrong way to eat a hello Panda cookie

  3. sorry for that last post. i hope it wasn't inappropriate, ma'am